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We are now Power Washing Properly too!

Welcome to your local lawn care company.

We offer lawn care and landscaping services!  Yes!  We mow lawns properly each and every time but we also prune crepe myrtles, remove leaves, cleanup landscapes, install pine straw, and offering pressure washing services.


Our clients refer to us as, ‘The Best Lawn Care Service in Alabama!’¬† We think you will too if you give us a shot!

To get started, request your free estimate.

A Birmingham-Hoover Metro Area Lawn Care Service

Birmingham is our home and we love working with the local lawns and landscapes.  

Serving Bessemer, Helena, Alabaster, Pelham, Hoover, Vestavia Hills, and Riverchase, AL since 2012.

We love mowing lawns, pruning crepe myrtles, and rolling pine straw.¬† Some call us crazy…we call ourselves passionate!”¬†¬†

If having your lawn and landscape maintained by a local business at an affordable rate sounds good to you.  We look forward to hearing from you soon and getting our hands dirty!

Are you ready to have the nicest lawn in the neighborhood?

We hope so!

We Are Accepting New Clients

Mowing Lawns Properly is open and accepting new clients.  Contact us if you need a hand with your lawn or landscape.

We now offer power washing!

Learn more about our soft wash and pressure washing services and view pricing.

Bob J.

“This is my first experience with a lawn care company…if I knew it was going to be this easy and affordable, I would have signed up years ago.¬† Thanks for all the hard work guys!”

Bessemer, AL

Leslie T.

“I know I have a larger property,¬† but I have had issues over the years finding a company that would actually maintain the entire property each mowing service.¬† Mowing Lawn Properly does!¬† I really appreciate their attention to detail.¬† Big thanks to Chris and the rest of the team.”

Helena, AL

Christine T.

“Mowing Lawns Properly just installed fresh pine straw in my landscape beds.¬† They have never looked better!¬† The appearance of my landscape now makes me proud every time I come or go or just step outside.¬† I will definitely be having them back next year!!!”

Alabaster, AL

Jesse C.

“Mowing Lawns Properly’s crews are professional, friendly, and work hard!¬† I love the way the cut my lawn in a pattern instead of just mowing in circles.¬† Everything looks great before the leave”

Birmingham, AL

2 lawn mowers no Mowing Lawns Properly's work truck in front of a client's house in Hoover.

Mowing Service

We mow the lawn, trim where the mower cannot reach, edge all borders, and clean it all up before we leave.

We will not leave your property until your lawn looks great!

We won’t leave a clump in your lawn and we will skip any week in which your lawn has not grown.¬†

2 lawn mowers no Mowing Lawns Properly's work truck in front of a client's house in Hoover.
Crepe Myrtle with a ladder leaning on it about to be pruned at a customer's home in Hoover, AL. Crepe Myrtle after pruning service at a customer's home in Hoover, AL.

Crepe Myrtle Pruning 

Seeing the finished product of our pruning service keeps us energized to do our best each service and keeps us looking forward to the next pruning service.

Everybody knows that plants look great after they have been properly shaped up, but this also helps keep your plants as healthy as they can be!

We have years of experience working with the native plants in Alabama.  We will not damage your plants or remove any blooms in the process, but we will take all of the clippings with us.

Crepe Myrtle with a ladder leaning on it about to be pruned at a customer's home in Hoover, AL. Crepe Myrtle after pruning service at a customer's home in Hoover, AL.
leaf pick up homewood al How to properly prune crepe myrtles
Spring Cleanups, Fall Cleanups, and Leaf Removals

Even if you are willing to get out there and clean up the lawn and landscape, you may not have anywhere to take the debris!  No worries.  We haul all debris with us and properly dispose of it offsite.  When you hire Mowing Lawns Properly, all you have to do is enjoy your lawn and landscape.

Leaves left to hang around your lawn and landscape over the winter months tend to somehow always end up in the house!  We are just a phone call away.  Besides being a nuisance, they can also introduce disease and fungi to your lawn and plants if not removed.

Landscaping Company Near Me

Rolled Pine Straw

That Southern pine straw looks so good!  

Mulching your landscape beds can be a physically demanding task and/or you may just not have the proper equipment to perform the work or get the pine straw to your home.  No matter the reason, we are happy to handle this task for you.  

We install a lot of pine straw!  Please contact us to get the best price available.

Can you say aesthetically pleasing?

Are you a Firefighter, 1st Responder, Police Officer, and Military Member?

We would like to say THANK YOU by offering you 10% off your quoted price.

We also offer 10% off for anyone would like to pre-pay for the season!¬† We didn’t want to leave out our other hardworking citizens!

Lawn Mowing Service

Contact us Today!

We know you have options.  All we ask for is a chance to present you our quote.  If it all sounds good, we will get you on our schedule and get to work.  If not, we will thank you for the opportunity.  

Lawn Mowing Guarantee

Our Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not happy with our service and we cannot make it right, then you don’t pay.¬† How does that sound to you?

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Where We Work

  • The Greater Birmingham Area
  • Birmingham-Hoover Metro Area
  • South Jefferson County, AL
  • North Shelby County, AL

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Our Lawn Care Service Q&A

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are your lawn care services?

Every lawn and landscape is just a little different!  Please contact us and we are more than happy to check out your lawn or landscape as soon as possible or schedule a time to meet you there at your convenience.

Do you have proper business licensing and insurance?

Yes, we do!  We are licensed and insured to perform lawn and landscape services in Alabama.  If you would like a copy of our business license and our insurance policy please ask and we will email it over immediately.

What are the payment options for your lawn services?

We accept all major credit cards, money orders, and cash.

When would we need to pay for our lawn care or landscaping service?

All payments are due at the time of service. If you are not going to be home during the time of service, you have the option to pre-pay, leave a payment somewhere on your property for us to collect while there, or you can have us securely hold your credit card on file and we will automatically bill you once you have approved our work.

When did you start your lawn care business?

Mowing Lawns Properly officially started offering lawn care and landscaping services in 2012.  We had been doing it on the side for years before forming the official business.

What is included in your lawn mowing service?
We run the mowers over your lawn getting a nice, clean, even cut on all of the open grass areas.  We trim around edges and obstacles with a string trimmer and edge off hard surface borders such as walkways, driveways, and patios to give them that finished, manicured look.  Once all mowing, trimming, and edging has been completed, we blow off the grass clippings leaving your lawn looking amazing!
You can learn mowing about our Birmingham-Hoover Metro Area lawn mowing service and our other lawn and landscape service on our lawn services page.
How often do you cut the grass?

Weekly or every other week.  If your lawn is getting too long between cuts on an every other week schedule we will need to bump it up to weekly service until the grass growth speed slows down or charge an additional fee to make it look good before leaving.  We won't leave your lawn not looking great.  Thanks for understanding!

What if my grass didn't grow and my next lawn mowing is coming up very soon?
We don't even want to run our mowers over a lawn that doesn't need to be cut.  If we are experiencing a drought, or the grass growth rate slows down for any other reason such as the season, we will simply skip that week's service and you will not be billed. 
What if it literally rains all week long?

We certainly don't want to damage your lawn by attempting to mow it when the ground is still soft from a large amount of rainfall.  We have been cutting grass for a long time and will use our best judgment and communicate well with you if and when this situation arises.

At what height do you mow the grass?

Lawn mowing best practices recommend to not remove more than 1/3 of the length of the grass blade at a time.  We follow this recommendation.  If you think we are cutting your lawn to high or too short, please just let us know.  We are happy to adjust our mowers per your request.  

If your lawn does have slopes, we may be limited to how low we can cut the grass due to the commercial mower deck size.

Lawn Mowing

mowing springfield il

Mowing Service

We mow it correctly¬†PROPERLY, every time! ūüėČ

Pruning Services

Crepe Myrtle Services

Shaped to Perfection!

We make shrubs and small trees look their best.

Lawn Care and Maintenance

organic lawn care

Landscape Cleanups

Leaves, sticks, weeds, and more.  We hual it with us.


Let's chat about your lawn care needs!



Let's chat about your lawn and landscape!

Why Mowing Lawns Properly?

We make lawn care easy!

You are busy and have more important things to spend your free time on.  We make maintaining the lawn and landscape a breeze.  

How do we do it?

Call, text, email, or complete one of the contact forms on our website and we will get you our fair, zero obligation quote fast.  If you decide to move forward with our lawn care service, you can count on us to show up as scheduled week after week for mowing services or for your once or twice a year landscaping service.

We want to earn your business!  Please let us know how.  We are ready and willing to do the work.

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